Certified Shorthand Reporters are available for depositions, trials, hearings, and meetings through Abilene and the surrounding area. A court reporter in Abilene, Texas is available to travel to the surrounding area to cover depositions and court.
Quick Turnaround Time is made possible by our dedicated reporters. Expedited delivery is available upon request. Same-day final copy is available when requested at the time of scheduling.
Complimentary Conference Rooms are available for depositions to accommodate your location needs. Speaker phone, fax, and copier available.
Exhibit Services include photocopying and/or scanning of exhibits for any size job.
Condensed Transcripts are available in conjunction with or in place of a full-size transcript. Our standard format is four pages to each side of the paper.
Keyword Word Indexes are provided in each deposition. It lists every word that appears in the transcript by page and line number.
Full-text Computerized Transcripts (ASCII) are offered in various formats. The ASCII files may be quickly and easily imported into your favorite litigation support software for text searching.
E-Transcript by RealLegal converts imported ASCII files into a full-text searchable product and can be printed full size or condensed.
Records Retrieval Services specialize in managing the records retrieval process and depositions on written questions ensuring compliance with all rules and statutes relating to those records and their confidentiality.
Subpoena Preparation and Service is available for both deposition and court subpoenas through our professional and experienced process servers.